Reddit Adspace

Posted on 2019-04-24 by BazookaJeff
Status: Disabled
Target: 1000.0 MSR

This proposal is disabled.


Currently, there are no ad campaigns for The Masari Project. To fix this, I plan to create a banner ad to be presented to cryptocurrency minded groups on Reddit.

How much?

Creation of graphic - Gratis!

Funding on Reddit for ~ 2-3 weeks – 1000 MSR

Total 1000 MSR /132 USD/0.0236 BTC

Current MSR price ฿ 0.00002361 or $ 0.13179


The aim is to create a graphic that drives traffic to the Masari subreddit.


  1. Creation of graphic
  2. Bidding on Reddit adspace


The ad campaign will run for 2-3 weeks and drive more traffic to the Masari subreddit.

Why you?

I am part of the Masari Core.

My work:

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SatoriNakamoto 2019-06-03 20:03
Should we wait until we have GUI wallets in order? It would be a shame if people came by, got a bad taste in their mouth and left. There's other places for that.
JeuTheIdit 2019-04-24 17:52
I think this is a good idea to push the use of the web wallet!
BazookaJeff [op] [admin] 2019-04-24 17:54
That's a good idea. Probably could add it to the banner pretty easily.
ph 2019-04-28 12:27
yeah, I like the idea of ​​pushing the web wallet. There's still a lot of misinformation about it