Sir HODL Crypto Chat Giveaway Promotion

Posted on 2018-12-03 by thedawson
Status: Completed

Target 500.0 MSR
Funded 100.0 %
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To raise interest and awareness of MSR in a telegram channel with users who may not have considered adding privacy coins to their portfolio or using TradeOgre exchange.

Our Crypto Chat Room has ~1200 members (we regularly remove dead/scam/spam accounts).

How much?

The 500 MSR Donation is all that is required, SHCC (Sir Hodl's Crypto Chat) Admins will hold the MSR, and run a (roughly) month long raffle that is entered using SHC (Sir Hodl's Chat Coin), which is our rooms shitcoin we made on the Tron blockchain. The only purpose of SHC is to tip to people in the channel and pass around for contributing, and then users enter draws like this using the SHC. We keep track of all entries and run the giveaway and send the 500 MSR prize to the winner.

We are also considering an additional element where we trade the collected SHC, trade it for TRX to BTC and market buy additional MSR to add to the prize pool. Could be done all at once or over the course of the draw, we are still working on this angle. This redistributes the collected SHC and theoretically helps the MSR/BTC market on TradeOgre.


I am basically theorizing that with MSR mentioned in the sticky for a month and the raffle being ongoing with people entering, it will boost conversation and curiosity around MSR . People who don't even enter the draw (or just dont win) may buy directly and also just research the coin.

It should be noted that this is a new initiative our telegram channel is starting and we plan on reaching out to or being contacted by different communities and teams who would want to do something similar. The idea for this came out of the bribes/offers we were recieving to promote certain coins in the channel. We turned down all these offers because we want to be an impartial channel. The giveaway angle gets around this problem, because now we can simply tell the community that Coin X has donated to a giveaway, the coin gets recognition through that avenue, and the channel passes the benefit onto the channel members.

We encourage people to debate pros/cons of MSR as well as every other coin as long they are civil and provide some support for their opinions. We won't "shill" MSR outside of individual admins giving their own personal opinions whether they be positive or negative.


Stage 1) Continue building out the concept and best practices for running SHC raffles Stage 2) Raise the MSR Stage 3) Set SHC admin team in motion to run the raffle over the course of a month or so Stage 4) Draw winner and distribute prize


1) Some lucky member of out Telegram channel will win the MSR 2) People in the Telegram Channel may take an interest in MSR

Why you?

Been into MSR and contributed here and there since April 2018. Connection to SHC (I am one of the admins) We came up with this idea independently from MSR and were going to do it anyway, but this seems like a good fit and I like MSR and hold it so there are nice synergies.

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