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Posted on 2018-11-28 by Sabo
Status: Disabled
Target: 6750.0 MSR

This proposal is disabled.

Why? is a great platform for crypto entusiast, miners and investors with great SEO. Advertising on steam can help to increase our community.

How much?

Steemit post promotion: 4000 MSR ($0.17 / MSR) Article writhing, photoshop work, user engagement: 2750 MSR ($0.17 / MSR).


Promoting on can be really cheap if you're using Steem to buy votes from bots ( becouse :

a. Only ~300$ si required to push an article to the TRENDING page and keep it there for a couple of days. b. After 7 day you'll get 70 - 75% of the founds invested back and these can be reinvested.


Stage 1. Write 3 - 4 articles about Masari. I can do professional Photoshop Work with infografics, animations. I will require 9 - 14 days to write proper articles.

Stage 2. Is posting on steemit and keeping the users engaged, YES you have to reply to the comments and yes, someone has to do it.

Stage 3. Wait untill we get the 75% rewards from the post back and reinvest them into arvertising by posting article 2.

You got the ideea (we keep on posting new articles untill we run out of founds).


As I mentioned above, this will help us reach more crypto entusiast which is beneficial for our cummunity on the long run.

Why you?

I don't have the best writhing skills, BUT, I know how steemit works and i've been using it for almost one year. I'm really good when it comes to photoshop work and I work as a freelancer, so I have all the time to engage with any curious user. :)

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SatoriNakamoto 2018-12-13 19:12
Hi Sabo, what's the status on this proposal?
SatoriNakamoto 2018-11-30 19:53
Being active on Steemit is a great idea! Buying votes is not. I support your idea to publish articles and graphics on steemit, but since we have several venues full of graphics that are ready to use (reddit, github, and user Lodo has already expounded on the fact you indeed don't have the best writing skills (which you humbly mentioned in your post), that leaves only "user engagement" as a viable proposal. My opinion holds that user engagement, like votes, is not something to buy, so this proposal requires a total of 0 MSR of funding. I personally haven't used steemit (although I have an account) and I think this community could benefit from your knowledge of the platform, but this particular proposal is a no-go for me.
Lodo [admin] 2018-11-30 18:31
Thanks for submitting the first community proposal. That being said... 1. If you are going to submit a proposal based on writing ability, at a minimum use spell check. No one is going to fund a text based campaign full of spelling and grammatical errors. 2. Steemit could close shop anyday and your proposal is based on re-investing(?) funds back into the campaign. Since they're broke that pretty much neuters the long term outlook. 3. You've provided examples of your writing ability, do you want to submit some of your designs to show your graphical ability?
cryptochangements [admin] 2018-11-28 13:17
Buying votes seems dishonest to me tbh
Sabo [op] 2018-11-28 15:30
It's common practice on steemit, big names do it daily and they get an outstanding engagement. Could work better with a faucet. [img][/img] Speaking of witch I could work on a faucet. I don't know if we have one.