Live Coin Watch Leaderboard Ad

Posted on 2018-11-27 by Lodo
Status: Completed

Target 3000.0 MSR
Funded 100.0 %
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To increase awareness of the Masari project & the launch of SECOR through a Premium Leaderboard Banner Advertisement on a popular cryptocurrency website - Live Coin Watch.

How much?

3000 MSR. At time of writing, the market USD price of MSR is $.16. The cost of the campaign is $450 USD. The direct conversion equals 2812.5 MSR. The additional MSR is there to cover future market losses while the fundraising campaign runs.

If/when the campaign completes and the value of the 3000 MSR is > $450 USD after conversions and fees, then the extra Masari will be used in a twitter giveaway.


The ad space is a 728x90 graphic. The graphic should present Masari's logo, announce SECOR, and be created in a professional manner. The ad can click through to or specifically to the Masari Research Corner SECOR WP.


The ad campaign will have a window of 30 days, and will cross the Christmas and New Year's time frame. The time frame is not static and is based upon impressions of the advertisement.


Increased awareness of Masari, SECOR, and followers/members on social media.

Why you?

I'm the Masari Core Team Communications Director

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Dug Punk 2018-12-08 08:17
This has tue added benifit of adding media for future campaigns
Lodo [op] [admin] 2018-12-03 17:02
Moved to status "Funding".
Lodo [op] [admin] 2018-11-27 17:52
Please submit any ad designs in Discord #marketing
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