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Posted on 2019-09-21 by ggmesh
Status: Completed

Target 4000.0 MSR
Funded 103.0 %
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Gets more eyeballs on Masari. Adoption. Masari deserves more attention. Thaer is game

How much?

4000 MSR

My review/interviews take several days to create


An article of 3000-5000 words.

"The Masari Review with Thaer Khawaja"

To be published here And later republished here (optional)

My work here (most recent Loki review)


Interview Thaer

Review Masari

Publish Article on TDC w/ twitter campaign

To be published withtin 14 days of successful funding


An awesome review promoted by me, TDC and TDC CEO Alex Libertas (over 20k twitter followers combined)

Why you?

Cause I'm good, and because you wanted it (check comments)

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