korean marketing push

Posted on 2019-09-18 by joliwa
Status: Seeking funding

Target 6000.0 MSR
Funded 0 %
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What problem(s) are you trying to solve?

Exsposure during koreablockchainweek. We have a korean exchange coming, as well as new chinese exchange and could use some korean directed material. A small korean ad designed, animated, and translated into korean. A korean Telegram channel. Hire a korean moderator/translator


What is the total cost in MSR? $300 USD value approx 6000 MSR

    1. List expenses per item.
    1. 2500 MSR-- design
    1. 2500 MSR-- animation
    1. 500 MSR --sound/narration
    1. 500 MSR-- translation/moderator bounty

What exchange rates are you using? * Cryptowhale * MSR-60000 * 0.02544000 BTC * 259.02 USD * 1.21839080 ETH

Describe your idea in detail. Xaiomogwai does 2 designs, Johnny animates them. Create a 15 second ad based on the designs.

Break down tasks into different stages.

  • 10 days till the show. sept 27-oct 4
  • 5 days to design
  • 5 days to animate
  • Marketing material finished sept 26th
  • 8 days of marketing during the show

What will be delivered?

  1. 1 $MSR ad of 15 seconds
  2. 3 gifs based on the add
  3. 5 stickers/images based on the ad
  4. twitter marketing
  5. new korean $MSR Telegram

What goals will be reached? Exsposure to a new market with our new exchange. What skills and experience do you have? Twitter master animator and shill meister.

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BazookaJeff [admin] 2019-09-23 23:13
Moved to status "Funding".