Translate Masari Website Into Chinese

Posted on 2019-08-18 by xiaomogwai
Status: Completed

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Chinese peoples cannot read the website and google translate will just make it into jibberish. We need a wider international user base for Masari.

How much?

800 Masari. At current price like $45 USD. It'll probably take me 2 hours, but its a tedious task. Not as fun as drawing 8==========D memes.


I translate the page into Chinese. Simple.


No BS milestones. I translate the whole thing right away and hand if off to Cam. If there are changes made to the website, I will translate the changes.


Chinese translation, you know?

Why you?

I can speak and write fluently in Mandarin (simplified characters) and Catonese (traditional characters for Hong Kong). Chinese does not translate directly in any way. You can google translate, but it will not make a bit of sense in context. It also takes some knowledge to know cryptocurrency jargon in Chinese. I will keep the website updated for free, as long as nobody asks me to transcribe a whitepaper or something ridiculous.

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BazookaJeff [admin] 2019-08-24 19:40
Moved to status "Completed".
camthegeek 2019-08-18 14:04
I'm okay with funding this.
cryptozi 2019-08-18 05:56
Sounds great, be glad to contribute. Vote move to funding
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