Masari Blockchain Betting Web Site on the domain

Posted on 2019-07-22 by Mochi101
Status: Completed

Target 5000.0 MSR
Funded 100.0 %
11 individual contributions Details...

5000.99697687 MSR Raised

0 MSR Paid out

Donation address:


More fun on the Masari blockchain when you can bet on

How much?

The requested amount covers a comfortable float for me to put the game online. Server and hosting costs are covered by me.


A gambling web site similar to or but based on Masari and under the domain which I've already registered.


A fully functional web site within 2 weeks of it being funded. I'll need access to at least half of the requested amount before the site is able to go online as CN wallets require a bit of preparation for this kind of thing.


It's a fairly straightforward proposal with a clear outcome. If there are any questions I'm open to answering them in the comments section.

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Mochi101 [op] 2019-07-27 05:01
Thank you to everybody that chipped in to get this funded.
JeuTheIdit 2019-07-23 11:05
Great idea! Also vote moving to funding.
cryptozi 2019-07-23 07:56
Sounds great, vote move to funding
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